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Play Halloween Slots at TropWorld Casino!

Play Halloween Slots and go on a quest to find Dracula’s hidden fortune with Vampire Quest Slots Unlocked! To best prepare for your journey, be sure to pack lots of garlic and double check how your bet impacts the pay tables. Click on the “i” to trigger the pay table action. There are 40 possible pay lines in Vampire Quest, more lines for more chances to hit those scary big jackpots you love! Treat yourself to some early Halloween fun with Vampire Quest and see how you can activate the Bonus Round to start racking up massive piles of coins! Coin piles so big, you will need more than one mausoleum to fill! Hit the BONUS symbols on reels 1 and 3 along with one of the three special symbols to trigger the Bonus Feature. 

Vampire Quest

Bonus Features

Vampire Quest

Trail Bonus

The Trail bonus consists of 12 checkpoints, each with a mystery reward associated with it. Start with 2 rolls of a 6 sided die. After each roll the player is awarded the value on the checkpoint they land on. There is a random +1 checkpoint, and landing on it will reward an additional roll of the die. Game ends when all rolls have been completed. You are awarded the sum of all the rewards of all the checkpoints you have landed on.

Mystery Pick Bonus

The Coffin Pick Bonus consists of up to 6 rounds. You start with 6 full coffins. In each round, you get only 1 pick. Select a credit value, and advance to the next round. If you select a wooden stake, you win that credit value and the bonus round ends. When you select Dracula, you win all the credit values under all the coffins in that round and advance to the next round. Make it to round 6, and pick from 3 mausoleums. You have 1 pick and under each mausoleum is a multiplier. This is the perfect spooky bonus for Halloween Slots!

Vampire Quest

Free Spin Bonus

Free Spin Bonus feature awards 8 Free Spins. The Pick Bonus and Trail Bonus feature will not trigger during free spins. Free Spins will also have the WILD multiplier feature, additionally after a spin is complete, all partial wild stacks will nudge into full position and trigger the WILD multiplier. The max number of free games you can be awarded is 160!


Play Halloween Slots at TropWorld Casino here to start spinning on your favorite device!

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