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8 FREE Bingo Halls:

  • Classic Bingo- Nothing beats the timeless classic, grab a seat & start daubing!
  • Power Bingo- Use 8 exciting power-ups to help you call more BINGOS!
  • Atlantic City Lights Bingo- Play Bingo in the resort city known for its many casinos & iconic boardwalk!
  • Lucky Lake Tahoe Bingo- Relax by the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevadas with a round of Bingo!
  • Sunset in Paradise Bingo- Sip on a piña colada while you reach the top of the Bingo leaderboard!
  • Neon Lights Bingo- Groove to the music, dance & daub the night away!
  • High Roller Bingo- A red carpet event for Bingo VIPs with MASSIVE jackpots!
  • Mardi Gras Bingo- Grab your favorite feather mask & join the Bingo parade!


FREE Bingo

FREE Bingo

Play FREE Bingo With 8 Exciting Power-Ups!


  • Single Daub – Daubs one number randomly per card.
  • 2X Power-Up – Doubles the total coins gained from the Bingo round.
  • Treasure Chest – Randomly produces one treasure chest per card.


  • Super Chargers – Requires just three daubs to activate the next power-up and cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
  • XP Power-Up – Double the total XP gained from the Bingo round.
  • Double Daub – Daubs two numbers randomly per card.


  • Instant Bingo – Randomly marks one lucky number per card. Daubing that will result in Bingo.
  • Extreme Chargers – Requires only two daubs to activate the next power-up and cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Bingo Leaderboards

Up the stakes with FREE Bingo leaderboards! Challenge your friends & players from around the globe for a new challenge & BIGGER Bingo jackpots! Daub your way up the leaderboards & be crowned as the Bingo Master!

FREE Bingo


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